Welcome to Maplewood Financial Group

For the inaugural entry I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kenneth W Christian and I have been a financial advisor for more than 20 years.

I recently had the opportunity to rebrand my company (with all the challenges of covid 19) so I decided to become more socially media conscious because once the pandemic goes away, people will prefer to continue social distancing. Using my blog to communicate makes perfect sense during this crazy time.


Anyone who knows me, knows that my family is very important to me and that my clients usually become like family. I take my mission to help clients build their financial confidence and plan for their financial future very seriously. When I’m not assisting clients, I spend time reading and staying current on financial information. I enjoy traveling the world and giving back to the global community as an investor and board member of Ghana’s Bemuah Royal Hospital.


My Ideal Client

My ideal client are individuals that want help reaching their goals and wish to partner with someone who will help them get where they’re going. I work really well with clients who nearing retirement or who are already in retirement. Business owners count on me to help them in a variety of ways to manage their business retirement plans as well as their personal wealth.  Some of my clients are going through life transitions such as changing jobs, becoming single after many years married, selling homes and moving to a larger or smaller home, or simply with children going off to college.

Not matter your financial challenges, I’m here to help.

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