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Maplewood’s Investment Portfolio Services are designed to help you make investment decisions that align perfectly with your short and long-term goals. Taking into account your current circumstances, along with income, expenses and risk tolerance, we craft a plan with clear steps for creating and maintaining a diverse portfolio. At Maplewood, we seek to demystify portfolio creation, making it accessible to people at all stages of life: Step 1: After a detailed discussion of your current status and goals, we’ll craft a customized plan that accounts for life’s big events, including: general wealth building/savings, home purchase, emergency funds, college tuition, retirement, long term care, life insurance and more. Step 2: After you’ve had a chance to review our outlined plan, we’ll help you tackle each action step in order of importance and immediate need. This includes guiding you through the process of setting up accounts, applying for life insurance and allocating funds to various investment sources. Step 3: As you move forward knowing that you’ve established a solid portfolio of investments, it’s important to continuously monitor your plan. Major life and market changes may require you to make adjustments in order to stay on track to accomplish your goals.

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