How To Save $100k On Financial Advice

You need a financial advisor far less than you imagine and, may be paying what you think is a small percentage, maybe a 1% fee for your advisor. Make sure you’re not on the road to paying more than you should. 

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"Hello, I am Ken Gulliver a retired Investment Advisor and founder of UGRU; my goal is to create positive and real financial changes in your life and I am committed to helping you become financially independent".​

For twenty-five years Ken has been a student of personal finance. A top quintile advisor at Merrill Lynch and a top 1% Investment Advisor by revenue in the United States, he is battle proven calling the downturn of 2008 for his clients, and warns of the next that is upon us in his third hard-hitting book, Right Where They Want You: Why You’re Not Rich and What to Do about It. But, more than that, multiple awards showcase his dedication to the people he serves. Ken has made it his mission to empower you to financially prosper.

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