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Achieve Financial Independence on an Average Income Step by Step with Retirement Destinations™ and create better financial plans than your financial advisor!

Why you should consider Retirement Destinations™

Break free from getting up, going to work, coming home, paying the bills, and complaining about it.

9 out of 10 Americans are unprepared for retirement and Retirement Destinations™ can help change that for you

Know the most optimal decision for every financial crossroad and get RESULTS!

Eliminate hype, self-righteous opinions and empty promises and stop Chasing Higher Returns

Eliminate the confusion from professional, celebrity and YouTube opinions

Stop working harder and chasing higher returns

Build wealth from critical thinking, not working harder

What you get with Retirement Destinations™

Self guided video mini course that covers every aspect of your finances where the ultimate goal is two-fold:

  1. Measurable results in every area of your finances
  2. Independence – so you can stand on your own two feet with all your financial decisions. This is critical to your success because it:
    • Saves you hundreds of thousands on advisor fees.
    • Protects you from predatory selling.
    • Prevents bad financial decisions.

Easy to use calculators that analyze how planning strategies will impact your plan. Once the value of the strategy has been optimized, you can implement it with a single click:

  1. Social Security Analyzer. A tool to determine when best to start your social security income stream.
  2. Market Dynamics. You can use previous stock market periods and the corresponding performance in place of traditionally utilized static returns to stress test your financial plans.
  3. Liquid Asset Priority. This tool optimizes the distribution order of accounts in retirement.
  4.  Destination Trax™. A proprietary investment strategy that incorporates a fixed indexed annuity and an aggressive securities account. Provides a historically proven competitive return with a fraction of the risk and cost to you.
  5. Reverse Mortgage. Test for the economic value of performing a reverse mortgage in any year of the plan and identifies required or surplus funds from the implementation to help find the most optimal account.
  6. Mortgage Acceleration. Tests and applies the benefit of bi-weekly mortgages to the plan.
  7. Roth IRA Conversion. Test and applies the effect of performing a Roth conversion on any qualified asset account, in any year or over multiple years, and gives you the option to pay taxes out of pocket or from the account itself.
  8. Guaranteed Income Benefit. Tests the effects of converting any account into an insurance product with a guaranteed income stream.
  9. Term Life/LTC Calculator. Tests for effects on net worth of implementing a permanent, term life or LTC plan.
  10. Fixed Asset Reallocation Calculator. Tests the economic effect of reallocating a risky or other asset into something fixed.

And so much more!

Meet Chris and Jennifer! Their names have been changed but, they are a real case study of a 45-year-old couple who was super stressed because they needed to make up a 1.8 million difference to fund their dream retirement and they’d been hearing advisors tell them they had to save an additional $740k over 20 years to make up the difference or give up their dreams.

But after implementing just the first two of many strategies, they were able to make up that difference and enjoy a full retirement without needing to save even one additional dollar!

That’s infusing $1.8 million dollars into their future with only two strategies! And the alternative, according to other advisors they met was retire later, work at Walmart in retirement, live on less, allocate their portfolio more aggressively or, come out of pocket each month about $3,000 for 20 years!

This training has long been reserved for our financial professionals but now you can find out how we did it and how you can too with their case study and training upon enrollment.

Best financial planning with our Retirement Destinations Software! it's easy!

Let an expert guide you through the process

Get the help you need!

For most it’s not enough to simply go through a self-paced course. Think about it this way, personal finance is no different than most any area of our life.

For example, if we wanted to be physically fit, we’d think about the best types of food, proper sleep, best exercises, equipment and probably enroll at a gym. But even though the fitness industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, it’s no secret people statistically aren’t getting into better shape.

Parting with a dollar to fix a problem is the easy part. Where the REAL progress takes place is in the change of habits, behaviors and execution with a world class financial tool like Retirement Destinations™ and this is what our one-on-one coaching offers.